Matthew Kimberley isthe former Head of the Book Yourself Solid® School of Coach Training, creator of Professional Persuasion and author of the personal development book How To Get A Grip. As well as his highly successful Professional Persuasion Program, Matthew also runs The Single Malt Mastermind, an email based Business Coaching Mastermind Program where you get weekly support and guidance from Matthew himself.

For the new Branding of the Single Malt Mastermind, I wanted to craft an identity that would resonate with the type of ambitious business professionals who would appreciate what it has to offer. It also had to be positioned to convey the high level of quality available, yet accurately convey the charm and personality of Matthew.

The Logo

I wanted to craft something that succinctly summed up the premise of what the Single Malt Mastermind is, but not overpower the logo. It's all about being subtle and sophisticated, but not too subtle that people miss the speech bubble ice cubes.

After spending time refining the idea through sketches an drawings, I set about digitally constructing the logo. I spent a while rendering a variety of different of styles from flat illustration, to photo-realistic, before finally settling on a simple vector based logo. Once that was done I started to soften the crisp edges and add texture to give a sense of heritage and age, which is often associated with whiskey.


Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 22.59.02.png

Client Response

“I can’t recommend Thad’s services enough. If you’re looking for thoughtful, considered and high-end expertise, there’s nobody I would sooner send my own clients to than Thad.

Thad’s work for my Single Malt Mastermind elevated the brand - and therefore its value proposition, market-place perception and pricing - to a point where my clients feel more passionate about belonging, and I feel prouder to put it out in the world. It’s a premium proposition now, and that is solely down to its outward-facing identity.

Would DEFINITELY hire again. Suggest you get in contact with him very soon.”
— Matthew Kimberley