Module 2: Target Market

Now you have chosen your market position, you will need to work out who your target audience is. Once you know what type of people would be interested in your brand, you can choose to market to them in a way that will resonate.

2.1 - Target Audience Profile

2.2 - Interests

By knowing what they like, you can create a brand that they will be more receptive to. Although it isn’t essential to know exactly what their interests are, it will prove valuable knowledge for further down the line when you are creating valuable content for social media campaigns.

2.3 - income

This will be directly related to your position in the market. Are you an exclusive premium brand or a cheap and cheerful brand. The price you can charge for your services is directly linked to your type of branding you will create. By knowing what your target market earns you can work out what to charge.

2.4 - Favourite Brands

What other brands from other markets do they like? Who can you look to align yourselves with so that they feel reassured by what you are offering? Think of clothing, cars, food, holidays, sport events, music etc.

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