Module 3: Type

A crucial part of successful branding is good typography. This will extend beyond a logo and into all of your communication including websites, business cards, brochures and promotional materials.

3.1 - My Process

Conventional advice stresses the importance of pairing 2 contrasting typefaces together. Although I agree with this, I focus on choosing a particular theme for the typography and then choose typefaces that work within that. Themes could include: textured, expressive, refined, traditional, fun etc. I find that once you pick a theme that is representative of your brand, it makes choosing typefaces much easier.

3.2 - Type Categories

Listed below are the most common themes out there with a brief description of the characteristic s of the typefaces found within that theme.

3.3 - Pairings

When bringing typefaces together try to stick to a theme for your brand and then pick 2 typefaces that have contrasting qualities. If you are unsure, try picking typefaces from 2 different categories.

Listed below are some example pairings to help you.


3.4 - Type Resources

Here are my top typeface websites. You can pick up plenty of excellent free ones, but in my experience paying to get something more distinctive and exclusive is well worth considering.


Paid typeface websites & foundries


Free typeface websites & foundries


Other useful type sites

  • Fonts In Use - A public archive of typography indexed by typeface, format, and industry.
  • What The Font - A fantastic site for identifying typefaces.

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