Preliminary Discussion

After getting in touch we me, I'll set some time aside so to have a free of charge preliminary discussion, either in person or over the phone. This will give me the opportunity to learn more about how your business works and to talk about your goals and aspirations. It also gives us both a chance to decide if we are a good fit for each other and to discuss the next stage.

Research & Preparatory Meeting

Immediately after the preliminary discussion, I will set about researching your business, it's industry, rival brands, audience etc. This will further deepen my understanding and will help me in coming up with an effective solution that addresses all your needs and any concerns. After that we will arrange to have a preparatory meeting where we can discuss the current state of play regarding the way your business interacts with it's audience as well as going into more details about your goals and vision for the brand moving forward.

Formal Consultation

The formal consultation will be the final presentation of my findings and an explanation of the bespoke branding strategy I will have crafted for you and your business. It will include project timeline, estimated costs, and implementation techniques that will work for the unique needs of your business.