Pete Correale Case Study

Initial discussion

After a series of discussions via email and Skype with high profile American Comedian & Writer Pete Correale, we agreed that his online success wasn't matching that of his career. He had a successful podcast and he had just filmed his Showtime Special which was airing later in the year, but online his social media following has plateaued. He found himself unsure of the best way to connect with his and fans and struggling to find the time to do so having just had a daughter.


I studied his online presence and analysed his social media accounts and his website. It soon became apparent that there was multiple reasons why this was happening including:

  • His website wasn't optimised to work on mobile devices.
  • There was no way for him to retain fan interest as he didn't have any type of newsletter.
  • Pete posted to his social media accounts irregularly and without much consideration.
  • He didn't interact with his audience often enough.

I then set about addressing these problems straight away and our solutions had an immediate positive effect.


Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 23.12.58.png

We worked together to create a logo was clean, distinctive and referenced Pete's New York style with his background in broadcasting.

Podcast Graphics

To increase the visibility of his online marketing, I designed a variety of graphics to grab people's attention when it came to promoting his popular podcast.

Showtime Special

One of the most significant events in Pete's career so far had been his first DVD Special. Pete was now due to be filming another for the Showtime Network and we wanted to show his evolution as a performer and the increase in profile since his first special. With this in mind I created a stylish look that would elevate his profile above others in the stand up industry.

    Billboard posters advertising his Showtime Special.


Billboard posters advertising his Showtime Special.

 The DVD Cover for Pete's Special.

The DVD Cover for Pete's Special.

Promotional Graphics

With the launch of his Special to critical acclaim, we set about shifting his branding to reflect that,



I gave his website a complete overhaul. Previously he had a site that didn't work on any smartphones or tablet devices, so I created a slick and smooth site that was visually led and most importantly enabled Pete's fans to connect with him and purchase his merchandise and tickets.

The Pete

'The Pete' originally started out as a weekly newsletter that achieved an average open rate of 81%, which was excellent when considering the industry average is 24%. Thissoon evolved into a weekly online TV show that Pete films and I edit. So far the response had been great and it has proved a huge hit with his audience.


I also worked closely with Pete to design a series of posters and t-shirts based on his comedy and his podcast.