How can I attract more people to my work?

@veroparrap asks: "How can I attract more people to my work?"

thadcoxdesign Choose your target market, decide on your niche and find reasons why your work can help them grow their business. Then work out where their attention is and get in front of them. The secret is to ask yourself: what can you offer that your clients need? Why should they work with you?

Once you know you need to work out how to get their attention? Awards? Advice, publications? Collaborations? The other side of it is networking, targeting specific clients and offering value exchanges.

If you are offering something that they need, they are more likely to pay notice, pay attention and follow you. Once you have people following what you're up to, you are then in a position to be more selective about the clients you take on. This is where your brand values and beliefs will play a key part in attracting the right type of clients, the ones who appreciate and respect what you do.

You must then decide to take on work that will allow you more creative control and will, in turn, attract more like-minded clients.  However, this process takes time so make sure you have plenty of cash reserves saved up to get you through the lean times and give you the freedom to say no to clients that won't further your portfolio.

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