Trystan Nolan - Personal Trainer


I met with Trystan to discuss how we could evolve his brand and develop a plan to streamline his business so that he could offer a better service to his clients. After many discussions we agreed that he needed a complete identity overhaul and an effective social media strategy.


Although he loved his job, Trystan often found himself overworked and frustrated that he couldn't always offer the same level of service. As a self employed businessman it was key that he was able to maintain his personal health and quality of work if he was to keep and attract new clients.


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After much research I settled on 3 typefaces that I felt worked well together, but also provided contrast - One wide, one narrow and the other great for text. All had a wide range of weights which was ideal as not only did it offer tremendous flexibility, but also helped establish a clear visual hierarchy across many platforms.


A diverse palette was created to offer flexibility and reinforce the feeling of luxury within the sports and fitness market. The core colours I settled on were the colder grey tones of graphite, slate and pavilion grey. Alongside these we opted for the energetic tones of teal, flame and turquoise which were aimed at a youthful audience and the more luxurious and premium golden tones. I made sure that all of them could work either separate or combined if needed.


The final logo comprises of the 2 letters of Trystan's name - T & N to create a solid and balanced structure that can be rendered in a variety of ways whilst still retaining it's distinct visual look.

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Here are a few examples of how the identity comes together.


"Having used a website I set up myself for Trystan Nolan Training (TNT) some 4 years ago, I knew I now needed a new image and website to reflect the type of quality service I was now delivering.

I was recommended to use Thad by a friend who had used him for their hotel rebranding.  After initially contacting Thad I was a little surprised by the questions he asked me to complete in his first email and the detail of the answers he expected....things like 'What does success look like for this project?', 'What is the single most difficult thing in your business right now?' and 'Where do you see your business 1/3/10 years from now?'  However, much like I ask clients wanting to train with me what motivates them, what their goals are and what it is they want to achieve in the short and long term, I understood that in order for Thad to design a rebranding that would totally portray where I wanted TNT to go, he first needed to really understand what my vision for the business involved..

After a few emails back and forth, Thad began working on the new logo's, website and general 'look' for TNT.  Our first meeting with him was amazing - we left totally buzzing with ideas and excitement of things to come.  Thad had been able to encapsulate the vision I had for TNT perfectly, coming up with a logo, colour palette and website design that not only reflected what I needed to offer clients now, but also provided longevity and scope for me to expand the business into new arenas in the future.

Thad has helped with more than just the rebranding, he's also helped me to think about, expand on and realise some of the ideas I had to grow the business beyond what it had been.  Thad's knowledge of not only design but business delivery has meant that I got so much more than just a logo and a re-designed website.

Thad also put together a Social Media campaign package for TNT and helped advise me on key aspects of increasing a following and client base.  Although the website has now launched, I have continued support from Thad and will no doubt be working with him on upcoming projects as Trystan Nolan Training expands in the future.

If you want a designer that will look beyond what your business delivers now and provide you with design longevity in rebranding and website design to allow your business to grow in the future, Thad is definitely for you."

Trystan Nolan - Trystan Nolan Training