I was approached to re-brand Twinzz Fashion. The company felt that they needed a stylish identity to help attract a larger following. They wanted to expand their business from it's Manchester roots into the south, namely London and then eventually across the Atlantic into America. I was involved in the following:

  • Creating a new identity.
  • Develop the brand guidelines of his new identity: Logos, colours, typography and layouts.
  • Stationary design: Business Cards, letterheads and comp slips.
  • Online branding through Facebook & Twitter headers and logos.
  • Apparel designs.
  • Social Media Strategy across all their platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.
  • Content Management - Developing and advising on a system to help them grow their audience.

My thoughts

The brand needed a stronger, more distinctive presence to set it apart from it’s rivals in the marketplace. So with this in mind I set about trying to pin down what to focus on that would both represent the brand and resonate with their target market.


Their audience

The target market for the Twinzz brand are aspirational, hard working and flamboyant. They work hard and enjoy spending their money on stylish and expressive fashion. This allows them to show their eye for the latest trends, yet stand also out from the crowd.

The Twins are the main asset of the brand. Their larger than life personalities, work ethic and sense of style are the main reasons people keep coming back. Customers love, respect and admire them in equal measure.

After much research, work and consideration, I decided that the key component I needed to capture was flamboyance.

Both the Twinzz and their audience - professional footballers, music stars and celebrities are flamboyant. All are known for their talent and expressive personalities.

It was paramount to craft a identity that would both represent and appeal to both parties.


Heroic Condensed is my choice for the Headline Typeface.

It has been crafted from scratch with a structural logic of its own: a fusion of pure geometry and optical balance. The finest adjustments have been applied to every curve and every angle of its letterforms for even colour and visual equality across a versatile range of eight weights.

With it’s clean lines and wide range of weights, it provides distinction and flexibility.


Proxima Nova was my other choice.

A clean sans serif typeface that was legible at small sizes and provided a nice contrast to the condensed Heroic.

It too is modern, stylish and has a wide range of weights allowing for flexibility.